Colourful, playful and intense. Bodil mixes elements of the underground club-scene with explosions of brightness. The grimaces she sees in clubs, under the influence of the music and substances serve as inspiration for her wide-eyed faces.

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Years I walked this earth with an indeterminate and restless feeling, that I thought was part of my being. A year ago I discovered the cure for this feeling: to transpose these feelings and thoughts from my head to the canvas through the medium of painting. I simply never thought about painting but after two of my friends inspired me to pick up a brush i realized: I loved doing this! It gives me a certain peace, a peace I never even knew existed. Also the levels of focus and concentration were entirely new to me.
And to be honest it blew my mind. The first few weeks I spend continuously working and painting because I was afraid that this gift I suddenly seemed to posses, this drive to create, would be gone the next morning and I would be stuck with a half finished painting! Luckily this solicitude doesn't exist anymore.

As expert by experience I know by heart and soul how the face and expression on faces can change under the influence of drugs and psychedelics. Some people look great, beautiful even, but others carry this metamorphosis with embarrassment and become unrecognizable as mere shadows of what they were before.

These, and many more, different effects I have experienced myself, and still do because it captivates me, it excites me and I want to express this through my art. The grimaces I encounter on the dance floor in the weekends are the inspirations I draw from.

Maybe not the most chic or desirable side of us human beings, but nevertheless, and probably because of that, so incredibly intriguing. During drug trips there is a scala of emotions, all battling and coexisting at the same time. The characters I paint show confusion and fear above all else. Which doesn't mean I don't make some happy ones as well.

I have no artistic background nor in depth knowledge of artist and movements, historic or contemporary. Not expanding this knowledge is a choice because I don't want my unprejudiced and open minded way of painting to be influenced or maybe even to be lost. I know that what I make that is what I want to show the world, and therefore it's amazing and fascinating to me!