A dear friend, a mentor, a connaisseur des arts. With his own gallery at Torensteeg 3, Amsterdam, since 1997, Harry van Gestel has enchanted many visitors not only with his vibrant, colorful art, but also with his warm and inviting personality.

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Harry van Gestel was born in Reusel, a small village in the south of the Netherlands in 1953. 
Van Gestel is best known for his large and colourful abstract expressionistic paintings. Throughout his career Harry has built an extensive body of works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, flower art, performances, poetry, tapestries and books. Through his international lifestyle and many international exhibitions he has left a trail of his art that reaches from Nagasaki Japan to Los Angeles USA. Art critics and collectors have described his work as: “A feast for the eye”, and “A mind altering experience”. The works of Harry van Gestel are featured in galleries, hotels, hospitals, law firms, museums (Nagasaki Museum of Culture), in the collection of private collectors, small businesses, multinationals, and even diplomatic collections.

Since 1998 Harry owns his own gallery and studio in the city centre of Amsterdam; The Harry van Gestel gallery.

Harry does not have a watch, no computer, and no agenda. Harry lives completely in the moment. This state of mind, the lessons learned through his international life, the cultures he has integrated in and the battles he has fought all come together in his artworks and his writings where Harry’s identity and soul are represented on the canvas and in the words.