Intrigued by grim art and the dark side of the human psyche, Nadine creates a fascinating dream world that invites the audience to go deeper. Not only into her art, but also into their own state of mind. Discover how the attraction of the aversive pulls you in.

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I'm not sure why, but since I can remember I have been intrigued by grim art; music, literature, dance, theatre and fine arts. The works of art that have stayed with me through the years were practically all shocking to such an extend that they gave an overwhelming feeling of aversion.And it is this aversion that forced me to ask questions. How does this aversion come to be? Why am I shocked? I often wonder if the answer has to do with the inner confrontations I have with possible shortcomings, or character threats that I don't necessarily associate with myself. I love to let my thoughts drift on these philosophical subjects. Maybe that's why I'm drawn towards showing the dark side of the human psyche through my art. It is, to all extents, this dark side that is so intriguing. Evil astonishes, it touches, excites and empowers. 

What fascinates me most however is the psychological side of it all. Why has evil this attraction on humans? Why do we like to watch and read about things we are afraid of, or even repulsed by? 

I make art primarily for myself, it is a way of expressing feelings without having to search for the right words. Secondarily I want to provoke a confrontation in viewers that would lead to inner questions. The way I do this is by giving evil a 'face'. A continuous pushing and pulling between the aesthetic pleasing and the abject, disformed and repulsive. The faces I make are grim and harsh, but by composing form and colours I try to find a certain balance. The process of doing so results in an almost mathematical puzzle of perfectly aligned spaces, lines, colours and levels. Everything has to be in balance. This can be done in a few hours, but might as well take much longer. Perfect balance and harmony are not easily found.