“Every new work is a rebirth after the death that is within the completion of my previous being. To be is the highest purpose, better your life”

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Sjoerd Blokker (1982)

The born and raised Hillegomian artist is an autodidact pur sang. Starting at a young age he shapes and creates his own vision and answers on every surface thus building a strong and sturdy base for his own creativity.

These foundations support that which lives in him, his being, and let him walk his way of life off the beaten track.

Walls became the first bearers of his artistic expressions, caught up in socio-economical critics in the form of murals.

In 2003 he made his first painting, something that felt like coming home and made him want to scream on the top of his lungs. During his architectural studies his free, artistic sketches encountered the straight lines of what he learned, slowly but surely captivating the entire paper until only free art reigned supreme.

Now that the art in him is victorious, he completely gives in to painting. In 2009 he opens his own gallery in Hillegom where he sells his works and gives painting lessons.

His artworks show versatility, ranging from realistic, through surrealistic to the complete abstract. His body of work is hard to describe in a few words. What’s typical is that nothing is what it seems, every piece is a journey, an expedition.

Blessed with his art he delves deeper, searching for the limits of the mind, to grow further as a human being.